"Embrio" EP

by Disweather

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released October 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Disweather Gdańsk, Poland

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Track Name: 21'st Century's Cross

Can i be your cancer? - Self-ironic god 
Can I be all of you darling? - I dont gonna show it off 
Handmade chicken made us good to ourselves 
The happening happens ironically always untill the end 
Unforgotten thing is unforgiven for us 
I use my mind only with a grenade blast 

Kill all the haters - Hate the haters 

Cross the love and peace - and let us be loveandpeacers 

All i need is brainbreaking emphaty
Track Name: Lost Gloves
My life's a lie, all words are white. 
Instead of colorfull day, there's a plain. 
It's not a game, made only to blame. 
I'm fucking starving inside, I wanna get fat. 

Speechless word, you made my day. 
From the throat, you've thrown away. 
God save things, that are untold. 
I switch lights off, that's my favourite mode. 

We are lost gloves. 

All words are white.
Track Name: Try To Tell You (CUX)
We used to walk together, now I walk alone. 
Our days used to be bright. Now they seem so dark 
You were my candle, but i chose a shadow 
Is there anybody who could light you up again? 

Now I know, that I've really hurt you 
Please forgive me and believe, that I can change. 

I try, I only try to tell you 
That always, when I look into your eyes 
I makes me sad 
And I beg you , please forgive me honey 
Coz' my life is sad and dumb 
Without your love 

I was so stupid, did too much faults 
Never thought it could bring up your tears 
Our street is empty, there aint no love 
The world is in silence, when I look for sound 

And i really dont know what to do 
To make you smile and twist'n'shout again

Track Name: Here Comes The Time
You know, I used to live in monochromatic world 
With a sea of numbers, closer than anytime before 
I was sick, and I died, and all I could do was counting 
I beg you. Show me the door. 


Days have started watching you 
What was done should stay true too 
And i think, I'm getting closer 
Realise that have not realised anything before 


Here comes the time 


And all he can do - Is to count on you 


Tad eats honey with a mud 
And he got garden full of sound 
River from toyland keeps it green 
Babes are hangin the flag, it's black. It should be seen.
Track Name: Lady Post Scriptum
1. Ask me about that question, about John Fontaine 
As you know, we have never called you back 
Making my own laundry made me sad 
I dont know who's the bad 
We live in primitive fantasy 
Five years old simplicity 
You didnt see, i drew your back 
Now you see, and we have a crack 
I stare at my shoes, dont know what to say 
I wish my mother told me how to pray 

CH.You're up to me - I'm up to you 
We could not be - or we could be 

2.Person that i met, she's like you 
But she likes unhealthy food 
You just sued me, and you're mad 
I just wanted to play on sand 
We could even eat some sweets 
You have your salad, You're not free 
Please, stop complaining about one more thing 
How even dare you to tell me how to be? 

CH.Youre up to me - I'm up to you 
We could not be - Or we could be 

Ask me about that question, about John Fontaine 
As you know, we have never called you back 
We could not be 
Or we could be