by Disweather

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released May 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Disweather Gdańsk, Poland

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Track Name: Script For Losing Monday
It feels like I just borrowed and showed you my sorrows, we've come so far by guessing, I guess I'm kinda messed up, I was so wasted bout it, you didnt mind and drowned it, and at the end your blessing, it just confirms that im sick, no matter how we tried it, i mean it, all of it, and I wont stand eye contact, these words are like death contract, wanted to see some someday but Im offstage, im outta play, script for loosing monday, my verticality heyday, and i dont have a background, as a dead body was found, and everyone back there just cried out and settled, and nothing i have done it, eyes burned in sun, we will meet, ive done with all my guessings, i just got used to mess things, i dont want it at all, it just keeps happening, im like a sunburnt mother, just wanna have a daughter, just wanna have a son, and hold her in my arms, and tell him bout their eyes, and tell her bout the nights, that are outside and cold, i wanna to grow old with somebody.
Track Name: Whenever It Comes To Flying
Whenever it comes to flying
I'm a pack of ciggarettes
Security has never been so tight
That's why it became so suicidal
Whenever it comes to flying
And it happens again
I'll smash the window
Take a deep deep breath

I feel that's heaven
Falling down, clouds are rocks
It happens again
Track Name: Lights
Lights crashing down beneath our traffic souls. Time fluttering with the wind, sends his regards to all these sleepyheads coming back from wherever they didn't wanted to be. Traffic jam stuck in a spider web. Forgotten songs are about to appear in every minute. In every corner, eyes that hate light, whispering and whistling. Funeral march on a crossroad. Hands that wanted heat so much, they reached for the reflector in motion. Machine felt hell of a hunger. They told us we will glow, but with lights so heavy and us so blind, it's going to be street action painting.
Track Name: Cars Got Fast These Days
Oh look at me today
Like manufactured gods
Is it a foreplay, I don't know
Scratches itchy pain sometimes

There are some lights away
They're ready to come and run over us
These fucking cars will play
Unfortunately with our lives

Oh how these cars got fast
Our bodies spread along the streets
Where did your hand went to
It's a capital city, it can't be lost

There are some lights away
They're ready to come and run over us
These fucking cars will pay
Unfortunately with our lives
Track Name: Guts
Break me as a charge
Collapse other's heads
Don't fuck him if he's dead
He's in a bad condition
Plenty of you scums
Are banging my van
And burning him on a street
Cutting off his feet
Thrashing him down
The mud in eyes outcomes

And I was so much late
While smashing their heads
Don't bother the rain

Swimming in their guts
I forgot my name
Every street seems the same
I bother no more
Cause I don't have a home
My day is all about
Guts and thrown ups
Guts and thrown ups
Track Name: Persona Non Grata
I'll go to every one of you and be overly attached at every circumstances
What's up with asking me if I'm a terrorist, if it's my heart, it's mine

I wouldn't let you dive through this horror
Dress exactly fit your bones, brand of sorrow
So kill my eye and throw it at the opposite shore

I left my dong to hang along with all these stupid idiots I wanted to get rid of
Let's go through a night's sky and try to rip apart what it meant to be loved

I wouldn't let you dive through this horror
Dress exactly fit your bones, brand of sorrow
So kill my eye and throw it at the opposite shore
Track Name: Thirsty? Drink Some Streetdust!
Sensitive insanity of sense of humour, drawin like an old oil painter, his hands are so much overtimed workin busy, serenade for my illusion, and she sailed with her hair and uncovered eyes of her, within a second I detail time, and with cut of tail I smash the fly, that's sitting on my back, and singing swampy songs, the shelter in the range of peninsula, get back you crawlaway, Adonis slip over his sleep, flash the flesh and flush it down, breakage meets breakout in the vain, rain that rains in the rain, it ruins, and runs, ignoring blinding sun, that ruins pose and turns and dose, tomatoes sliced and stick to the bones, it grows, dead sense of perfection, you kill yourself before you lay eggs, straight outta jail, with tattoo on her hand and neck, it goes somewhere near, i can almost hear, the tube and pipe and spinning round, the ironworks bad bad condition, near to the flat, it runs out like an animal testing its ability to live after being filled and fed with so much medicines, after being convinced he's free, the sorrow in his eyes runs before him so fast, it hits blue skies, and flats really bad, the holes in his eyes are as big as those in skies, and with so much light coming in, it starts to melt down, as a humanity drowns in sin.
Track Name: Hangman
I used to hang out with you
All the time, bird ate my eye
Your neck's so long and smooth

Track Name: Cat Mom
She does suspicious things
I don't know what to think

She comes
Body's worth money, and
She forgot how to think

First rule
Forget how to think
First rule
Forget How to stink
First rule
Just be a thing

She's sticky
She's sticky
But she's paid for this
Track Name: 4 Plates
When you'll go, I would like to starve straight into the sun

For me sun never shines
For me sun never goes down
for me sun never shines

Take me to place where air is pure
Where are no blackhearts on the streets
Take me to place where air is pure
Take me to place called all I need
Track Name: Standstill
After two hours it feels like snake
My bed kills
Feels like going back to home I've never been to
Please try to try to wake me up from a
I feel I'm grounded

You're all the money I flipped
You're all the money I've ever spent
You're all the money I bleached
You're all the money I set on fire
Track Name: Tabula Rasa
Would you like to open tabula rasa?
Would you like to make life quite upper?
Write a letter to your destiny
Write again if you wanna repeat
Get closer match to a candle
Choose a renegotionable scandal
Like a wheel needs a motion
Change cannot be another call option

Could the snow cover it all
You want to have never been grown
But when stain can't be removed
White is not the same what is pure
Or maybe soil can be cleaned by rain
I think it's rather by a ploughing man
Like the earth doesn't have a break
Real change will never end

Awareness patience
Leads us to changes
Conscious affection
Break the directions

Tree cannot grow up in one day
And nobody claims forest can do that
Or maybe destroying can heal someone
What's the reason of existing workhouse?
Change might be desired result
But it's also beginning of new track
Cake might fit into a shape
It only needs an hour to be made

Awareness patience
Leads us to changes
Conscious affection
Break the directions